The book „Die Grüne Wolke“ was published in Reinbek, Germany in 1973. It first appeared in London, in 1938, titled „The Last Man Alive: A Story for Children from the Age of Seven to Seventy“ by A.S. Neill. The contained stories were gathered from his work with schoolchildren in Summerhill. Naturally, „The Last Man Alive“ is not a fitting name for a Kindergarden, so we decided the Geerman name was more

Our Kinderladen „Grüne Wolke e.V. (English-German Kita)“ is intended to be an anti- uthoritative facility founded on the principles of A.S. Neill (1883-1973). We strive for a relationship between our children, parents and personnel of emotional well-being and a stable social and cognitive development. We want each child to be happy and satisfied. We believe successful learning and a fulfilled life are based on a confident and secure foundation.

In order to achieve these goals to which we are dedicated, we have chosen to be independently managed.
The anti-authoritative education is not to be confused with „Laissez Faire“. Our teaching goals provide limits and standards that children (depending on their age) can readily accept. In this way, the influence of false authorities can be reduced by self-determination, a democratic structure and education without angst/fear.

Pedagocial Conception

The complete conception in pdf format can be downloaded here.